Wednesday, April 18, 2012

mid-day croissant

I love breakfast and I usually eat big on this specific meal. It's very rare that I take sandwiches or breads. This on the other hand is not even a breakfast meal. Just when you thought it's so're wrong!

Cupcakes are nice and tasty snack treats, don't you think so?


I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

My mom was telling me about a new show that was coming on tv called “Touch.” It is about a dad and his son who is autistic and how they communicate. A lot of the boy’s communication is based on numbers. I teach special education and have several students who are autistic. My mom thought that I would be interested in the show since I might be able to relate to some of the challenges. It sounded interested to me, so I searched CableTVAdvisor to find out what time and channel the show was coming on. I found the schedule for the show and set my dvr to record it. Sometimes I do not like to watch tv shows about any type of special education students. It either reminds me too much of work, or it is so farfetched from reality that I know they did not do any research. I think I will give this show a shot though. It might surprise me and be a really good show that is actually accurate.

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