Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

Happy New Year To All!!!


Thanks to Wm Rowe

We cut costs by getting a satellite tv and internet bundle. Now, I have been able to save the money that save every month and use it for my guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasure is something that I had to stop doing for a while because I realized that I was spending sometimes fifteen dollars a week buying lattes at Starbucks. I started feeling really guilty about spending that much money because it was adding up to about sixty dollars a month, which was adding up to seven hundred and twenty dollars a year. That is way to much to pay for latte’s if you think of it in those terms! I only make fifteen dollars an hour at my job and have to pay taxes on that! I was working an hour a week, forty eight hours ( two days of my life) a year to pay for my Starbuck’s habit! That is a lot of money and time when you think about it yearly! So, I decided that since I was saving money on our monthly overhead, that I was going to allow myself two lattes a week. Now that the pumpkin spice lattes are out, I am even more glad that I saved money on internet and television. Those lattes are my favorite!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Perfect Match

What makes a perfect match? A big cutie cake with teeny weeny li'l cupcake!

Winter in Calgary

Calgary has been a popular destination for winter sports, it's a home to a number of major winter sporting facilities such as Canada Olympic Park and Olympic Oval.  Such facilities serve as the primary training venues for a number of competitive athletes.  Tourists are expected to come during the winter season to have the ultimate winter sports adventure no other place can really offer.  

Though the mountains can be the ultimate destination for thrill seeking tourists, enjoying the downtown Calgary is also a must.  It's convenient enough to lodge in Calgary houses and apartments for rent in downtown Calgary  which make it more accessible to the cultural venues, public squares, shopping centers and famous bars and restaurants.  Downtown tourist attractions include Chinatown, Calgary Zoo, Telus World of Science, Telus Convention Center, Calgary Tower, Glenbow Museum, etc.  
Downtown itself has so much to offer aside from all the above mentioned places, there are other great locations to see like the largest urban indoor gardens in the world, the Devonian Gardens.  Prince Island Park which is an urban park can take you to an enchanting garden trance while in the middle of the city.  Not to forget 17 Avenue as the ultimate haven for dining, shopping and nightlife.

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