Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Brave One

A perfect depiction of the great warrior who fought during the early years.  I still can't imagine how this rice field was done.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sushi At Its Best

Sushi galore!  Any sushi lover will be drooling over this crafty creation.  Too beautiful to even touch a piece and ruin its elegance. 

Post Break: Cresswind At Lake Lanier

Have you ever thought how are you going to spend your retirement days?  Where to stay, what to do, who to be with?  This may not ring the bell for most people but for others, this is something worth planning for.  Who wouldn't want to think of better retirement if you're so tired all your life working.  Day and night for the longest years you couldn't afford to stop because you had to do things.  

May it be with your dear partner, kids (who would eventually have their own lives too), family, friends, all that really matters is where you want to go and what you want to do.  Indeed it's sad when we have to part from our dear family but everybody will eventually have their own lives.  If you were to choose for a place where you can live a more laid back life and yet live within reach of people, an active-adult community may be the right place to go.

Your own home, a lakeside community, mountains, crowd of the same age and life disposition can be found in Georgia Retirement Communities.  Cresswind is the place that can be called your home with first-class community amenities, secured facility, gated community, accessible to an array of recreational activities.  Imagine yourself sitting by the dock of Lake Lanier on a quiet afternoon, reflecting or simply admiring the nature that surrounds you.  That's something you can't do just anywhere.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Post Break: The Perfect Getaway

What is the perfect getaway for you and your family?  Would you prefer a place where there's hundreds of crowd trying to do the same thing you want to do?  A theme park perhaps or circus?  I admit, those are fun places to visit most especially when you have little kids with you.  I wouldn't mind going to those places but at most times I prefer to have some intimate family time, away from the hustle and bustle and less distraction.

From time to time our family would book in a hotel and just spend quiet and relaxed nights there.  Sounds boring but we love it.  We get to enjoy the pool, breakfast and each other most importantly.  We don't get to do that all the time having to work and be busy with our everyday lives.  It feels good because I don't need to worry about preparing our dinners or tidy up the room and all those things you usually do at home.  It's a piece of heaven for me to be able to be away for some time.

There are so many wonderful places to go to and of course so many beautiful hotels to stay in as well, one of which is Vero Beach Golf Club.  So many activities to do there, good for the whole family.  Enjoy rounds of golf or play tennis, have a dip in their gorgeous pool, ride the yacht, enjoy the beach building sand castles, visit the Museum and best of all have a relaxing SPA treatment.  That's a vacation galore, everything in one place and no need to be anywhere around.  Who wouldn't want such getaway?  I don't know, but I definitely would.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Break: Camp Fire S'MORES

Can you think of one good treat to have while camping?  Barbeque is always given but something else that will keep everyone gathered by the camp fire after a filling dinner.  S'MORES!  That yummy graham with melted chocolate bar and marsmallow, that's the perfect camp fire treat.  Yes, you may do s'mores right in your home, backyard or over a friend's place but nothing beats the warmth of sitting together with everybody by the camp fire under the stars while camping out.

Spring season is the ideal start of camping season, warmer weather and lovely trails full of wild flowers.  Camping season goes all the way the end of Summer, that's so much time to plan for a nice camping trip for everybody to enjoy.  Some might prefer just a day trekking the woods or hiking a trail but for others who just love to stay outdoors and commune with nature, camping for a day or two or even more can be more enjoyable.   Finding the best sleepaway camps is a must for every avid camper.  Not all trails are created the same, therefore every camp has its own element right for everyone.  

Tips on Trips and Camps is a great source for anyone eyeing to go camping.  You can find great guides, camp information & registration,camp fairs, articles and even camp  programs that you may join.  All the information you need to get started with your camping planning or even booking can be easily accessed through Tips on Trips and Camps. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Post Break: Wanna Watch More Food Channels?

I noticed lately that you can hardly get any specific TV program without having cable connection.  Yes you still get to view quite a handful of networks but admit t, sometimes you want to see more than what your regular channels can provide.

Not everybody would opt for a cable subscription, for some people it just doesn't seem to fit their lifestyle.  While others need not to have more, some thrive to see more channels and take more pleasure in TV viewing.

Cable TV Advisor is now having a limited offer for those interested in wanting to view more Premium Channels.  Offer starts at $29.99 a month which also comes with lots of perks.  With Cable TV Advisor's DIRECTV Deal of the Day promotion, you get to have "THE GENIE", the new HD DVR from DIRECTV (free with qualifying packages).

Regardless if you are at work, out and about, running errands, or simply busy at the moment to watch your favorite food channels or any other channels then you might want to take advantage of Cable TV Advisor's promotion.  With the all new GENIE, you can be anywhere else and still have your shows recorded for a later viewing schedule.  No need to be there right infront of the tube to catch it, you can have it anytime!

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