Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Post Break: Wanna Watch More Food Channels?

I noticed lately that you can hardly get any specific TV program without having cable connection.  Yes you still get to view quite a handful of networks but admit t, sometimes you want to see more than what your regular channels can provide.

Not everybody would opt for a cable subscription, for some people it just doesn't seem to fit their lifestyle.  While others need not to have more, some thrive to see more channels and take more pleasure in TV viewing.

Cable TV Advisor is now having a limited offer for those interested in wanting to view more Premium Channels.  Offer starts at $29.99 a month which also comes with lots of perks.  With Cable TV Advisor's DIRECTV Deal of the Day promotion, you get to have "THE GENIE", the new HD DVR from DIRECTV (free with qualifying packages).

Regardless if you are at work, out and about, running errands, or simply busy at the moment to watch your favorite food channels or any other channels then you might want to take advantage of Cable TV Advisor's promotion.  With the all new GENIE, you can be anywhere else and still have your shows recorded for a later viewing schedule.  No need to be there right infront of the tube to catch it, you can have it anytime!

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