Monday, April 22, 2013

Post Break: The Perfect Getaway

What is the perfect getaway for you and your family?  Would you prefer a place where there's hundreds of crowd trying to do the same thing you want to do?  A theme park perhaps or circus?  I admit, those are fun places to visit most especially when you have little kids with you.  I wouldn't mind going to those places but at most times I prefer to have some intimate family time, away from the hustle and bustle and less distraction.

From time to time our family would book in a hotel and just spend quiet and relaxed nights there.  Sounds boring but we love it.  We get to enjoy the pool, breakfast and each other most importantly.  We don't get to do that all the time having to work and be busy with our everyday lives.  It feels good because I don't need to worry about preparing our dinners or tidy up the room and all those things you usually do at home.  It's a piece of heaven for me to be able to be away for some time.

There are so many wonderful places to go to and of course so many beautiful hotels to stay in as well, one of which is Vero Beach Golf Club.  So many activities to do there, good for the whole family.  Enjoy rounds of golf or play tennis, have a dip in their gorgeous pool, ride the yacht, enjoy the beach building sand castles, visit the Museum and best of all have a relaxing SPA treatment.  That's a vacation galore, everything in one place and no need to be anywhere around.  Who wouldn't want such getaway?  I don't know, but I definitely would.

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