Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Break: Camp Fire S'MORES

Can you think of one good treat to have while camping?  Barbeque is always given but something else that will keep everyone gathered by the camp fire after a filling dinner.  S'MORES!  That yummy graham with melted chocolate bar and marsmallow, that's the perfect camp fire treat.  Yes, you may do s'mores right in your home, backyard or over a friend's place but nothing beats the warmth of sitting together with everybody by the camp fire under the stars while camping out.

Spring season is the ideal start of camping season, warmer weather and lovely trails full of wild flowers.  Camping season goes all the way the end of Summer, that's so much time to plan for a nice camping trip for everybody to enjoy.  Some might prefer just a day trekking the woods or hiking a trail but for others who just love to stay outdoors and commune with nature, camping for a day or two or even more can be more enjoyable.   Finding the best sleepaway camps is a must for every avid camper.  Not all trails are created the same, therefore every camp has its own element right for everyone.  

Tips on Trips and Camps is a great source for anyone eyeing to go camping.  You can find great guides, camp information & registration,camp fairs, articles and even camp  programs that you may join.  All the information you need to get started with your camping planning or even booking can be easily accessed through Tips on Trips and Camps. 

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