Friday, September 30, 2011

Salt Dough Harvest Decor

Isn't this the perfect harvest decor you can have on the table for the coming thanksgiving?

Salt dough can really make great creative designs, you just need to be extra creative too!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Begging Bread

Breads are always hard to work on but this one is such a craft! 

Post Break: Relish

Cooking is an art in which you get to express yourself through the food you serve.  The old people say if you cook in bad mood, then your food won't really taste so right.  It's like your emotions serve as ingredients for your dishes no matter if you follow the recipes closely, the results will never be always the same.  

All recipes are created with much passion and love, this way a food comes out to be good.  Those who are braving the kitchen to try on new dishes must never be afraid to create their own.  Recipes can vary from skills, preparation and complexity.  There are also some cases when recipes must be reinvented to suit whatever ingredients you have ready. has great number of recipes for all your cooking needs.  You can find thousands of free recipes which are just right for the home cooks like you.  Whether you're cooking for a regular dinner meal or a real party feast, you can count on the quick and easy recipes from Relish.  Main entree, appetizers, desserts, all of those can be done with ingredients easily accessible for you. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Rice Goddess

Is it really true that there are goddesses all around? Maybe if it is then this is how the rice goddess looks like =)

Keeping kids in the house

We just had our second child. The second one is easy because the first one has paved the way and ironed out all the kinks in the house. When they are little, it is pretty easy. They do not crawl and there is nothing they can get to. However, when they start walking, everything has to be baby proof. The cabinets have locks on them, the outlets have guards on them and even the toilet has a latch to keep it closed. Once everything is baby proof, you might think there is nothing they can do now. Wrong! I had to go to and find an alarm system. The crazy thing is that my security system is not to keep robbers out, but to keep my kids inside the house. My son kept trying to climb out windows. I would send him to his room because he was whining or hitting or something that needed punishment and next thing I knew he had climbed out the window. The things children do will never surprise me.

Thanks to Roman May

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