Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Colorful Melon Flower Pot

Melons can make a colorful Flower Pot!


  1. I like this consistent look more than the baskets with the grape skewers and stawberries. Was is difficult to create the cantalope & honey dew flowers? I can't imagine there is much of a flat surface to press your cookie cutter into. Can you offer any tips?

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for the visit. This isn't my work, just something I researched and find interesting to share. I tried making fruit patterns as such and it's a bit hard. Cantaloupe is a bit firm so it's harder to do cutouts. Metal cookie or polvoron (local delicacy of Philippines) press cutter does the trick. Watermelons are a lot easier to work on. Hope this helps.

  3. Those flowers are really good looking.


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