Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food and Wine

How can you tell the differences between wines? What could possibly be the difference between a fine wine and a rare wine? Wines are just drinks with alcohol as some people would claim who don't have the passion for wines. Are wines just mere fermented fruit drinks or something even more?

True that it's hard to differentiate wines from one to another for any normal person who doesn't have the proper knowledge about the wine industry. Someliers on the other hand know almost everything about wines, they are the so called wine stewards who underwent training and obtained a certification over the course of 6months. They are the wine professionals who specialize in wine services as well as wine and food matching.

Other than the Someliers, Sokolin knows what wine is all about too. It has been established since the early 30's and has been on wine business for a long time. Sokolin carries the world's most sought after wines as well as other high rated inexpensive wines. Wines are their passion and to sell the best of the best is their quest.

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