Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is the only mouse that I think I could ever eat. Considering in other places of the world, they really cook rats (not to disgust anybody who can't stomach it), I'd rather settle for this cute sandwich coordinates.


  1. So cute! :)

  2. I've not eaten a mouse before. But I tasted other type of animals (you might not want the details *LOL). This looks like a piece of sandwich ham, is it?

  3. HI Mei, yes it is very cute!

  4. So Ai, what are those "other type" that you ate? details, details!!! haha!

    Sandwich ham it is with some peas, olives and cheeses.

  5. I don't like mouse, but this one I like sooo much !

  6. Who wouldn't like this cutie mousie? Glad you like it!

  7. Ayie, you gave me an idea. Since I ran out of idea what to post, I will write a post on different and weird food that we eat or ate. Thank you! :o)

  8. i wanna bite it too!
    i had never tried eating a real rat before,
    is it even available?
    i'm curious. :D

  9. too cute to eat.

    btw, my chinese zodiac is mouse.:)

  10. Go for it Ai, I'll check it out once you have it posted. That sounds so interesting.

  11. Oh Levian, you're getting excited again!

    In China and other Asian countries, rats are served as a delicacy. I don't think I'll have a bite even if 'll be forced to. I'm happy with this mousie, no need for a real one. +D

  12. You can try making some for your teletubbies Ramblings. I'm sure they will too excited to eat that.

    So you're a mouse, I'm a rooster. Do we get along in chinese zodiac or not? =D

  13. it seemed that the thought of food always
    have that particular effect on me. :p
    ah, china again.
    i had my try on bugs also in china.
    it .. wasn't as bad as i imagined. :)

  14. I didn't try other foods in china except some street foods but no insects for me. I think I tried a tiny bite of snake meat during college. No choice, I had to because it's part of our grade. It wasn't bad but still the thought that it's a snake doesn't make me like it any better.

  15. i kinda like the thought of trying out different type of animals.
    but no cats or dogs please.
    the rest i find it kinda fascinating.
    it is amazing how human can make food out of any type of animals they find.
    but on the other hand,
    it's .. kinda cruel. :p

  16. Ayie,
    it has never crossed my mind to make one for my teletubbies, i'm not gd enough. i would make such a huge mess over it. haha

    i don't know much about Chinese zodiac compatibility. but i'm thankful to have u as my blogger friend. :)

  17. Let your artistic side come out Ramblings. Or better yet, just gather the ingredients and make your kids do it. I'm sure they are crafty most esp your eldest, they will surely have fun.

    I'm touched, I'm also thankful to have you as my blogger friend! My husband is actually happy about me having blogger friends. I hope I'll get to meet you guys in the future.

  18. Levian, I never thought you can be that interested about other foods. Have you eaten snails? That can be a nice dish, it can be prepared really good. That's the best I could suggest. I can't really go extreme.

  19. thanks for the words of encouragement. i'll share my work in my blog when i've the mood to do it.:)

    but heaven knows when!!!

  20. I'll wait for it then Ramblings! Haha for some reason I like to call you Ramblings better than LR. =D

  21. i had!
    it was awesome! especially with cheese.
    the chewy texture,
    with the strong scent of cheese,
    they are a perfect match! :D

  22. I'll agree on that Levian. I had mine cooked in spicy coconut milk sauce. Yum... at first I couldn't take a bite on that snail but it was good after all.

  23. can't have them compare to those snails we found in the garden.
    it irritates those around me when i told them those were snails.
    but after explaining they weren't the typical snails,
    people seemed to be able to accept them a little bit more. ;)


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